huddle 24

The 6G vision is starting to take shape, following a huge investment of time, research and money from numerous organisations all over the world.

The release of the ITU Recommendation Framework for IMT-2030 has provided a big step forward in helping to identify the key drivers, design principles and usage scenarios that are going to be fundamental in creating the 6G vision. What is emerging is a vision of near-instant and ubiquitous connectivity that not only transforms how the human, physical, and digital worlds interact, but also delivers positive environmental and social change.

As work now begins towards the implementations of this vision and framework, WWRF’s Huddle will once again provide a collaborative platform to bring together leading policymakers, connectivity and service providers, researchers and other key stakeholders from around the world to discuss the work that lies ahead.

Moving on from discussions that focus on the opportunities that 6G can provide in areas of security, sustainability, inclusivity and digital transformation, this year’s Huddle will look in more concrete terms about how objectives in these key areas can be delivered.

Delivering on the 6G vision is going to require a collaborative approach at each step. Join us for the WWRF Huddle and make sure that you are part of the debate and this journey.

Website of the event here


17 - 18 Apr 2024


All Day


Berlin, Germany

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