Presentations & talks

  • Fairness scheduling and fronthaul optimization in cell-free user-centric scalable mMIMO networks (PDF available here)
    Giuseppe Caire, Technical University Berlin
  • Spatial multiplexing in the radiative near-field (PDF available here)
    Emil Björnson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Advancements in fluid antenna systems for MIMO communication: A path to enhanced wireless connectivity (PDF available here)
    José Francisco Monserrat del Río, Technical University of Valencia
  • one6G work item on next generation MIMO: Multiuser strategies for user-centric cell free MIMO (PDF available here)
    Martin Schubert, Huawei Technologies
  • Native artificial intelligence and native computing as key features of 6G (PDF available soon)
    Markus Mueck,Intel
  • Intelligent programmable data planes to optimize application delivery in 6G networks (PDF available here)
    Marie-Jose Montpetit, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • In-network service-aware computing with hardware acceleration in 6G networks (PDF available here)
    Hiroki Baba,Network Service System Laboratories, NTT
  • Intelligent user plane for the manufacturing sector (PDF available here)
    Franco Callegati, University of Bologna

On November 9-10, 2023, the one6G Association organized the third edition of the one6G Summit. This two-day conference organized in Munich, Germany brought together more than 130 participants, including the world’s top experts from policy, industry, and academia who gathered to discuss the future of 6G technology.

  • Envisioning a green 6G ecosystem: challenges, objectives, and pathway (PDF available here)
    Chiara Lombardo, Researcher, University of Genoa
  • Next-generation networks – the green enablers? (PDF available here)
    Christian Maasem, Partner, Head of Hyperconnectivity, Detecon Consulting
  • Greening’ for the wireless cellular networks of the future (PDF available here)
    Ljupco Jorguseski, Senior Consultant Wireless Access, TNO
  • Paving the way toward sustainable next-generation networks (PDF available here)
    Monique Calisti, President and Founder, Digital for Planet
  • Can 6G be the game-changer to accelerate the sustainable development agenda? (PDF available here)
    Varnika Srivastava, Programs and Communication Manager, Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI)
  • Recent Progress on Channel Measurements and Models for 6G (PDF available here)
    Jianhua Zhang, Full Professor, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
  • Actions for 6G channel characterization (PDF available here)
    Pekka Kyösti, Senior Specialist, Keysight Technologies & Adjunct Professor at Univ. of Oulu, Finland
  • Channel measurements and modelling in THz bands (PDF available soon)
    Thomas Kürner, Full Professor at TUB, Germany
  • Old ideas needed for 6G: Layering, controllability, and modularity (PDF available here)
    Henning Schulzrinne, Levi Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University
  • A Jabberwocky on Cloud Networks (PDF available here)
    Diego R. Lopez, Senior Technology Expert at Telefonica I+D
  • Control, management, data. When models mess around implicits and explicits (PDF available here)
    Rui L. Aguiar, Full Professor at University of Aveiro
  • Low-latency Network Slicing with Programmable Data Planes (PDF available here)
    Georg Carle, Chair on Network Architectures and Services at Technical University of Munich
10th November- MORNING
Session 1: Global View‘s on 6G
Session 2: Panel – Will 6G become the fundamental and sustainable infrastructure for verticals?
  • Moderated by Roberto Verdone, (University of Bologna )
  • Maziar Nekovee (University of Sussex) – Presentation PDF
10th November- AFTERNOON
Session 3: 6G Testbed/Demo
Session 4: Enabling technologies
Session 5: one6G Activities
  • Testing waveforms, beamforming and applications for a next generation of mobile communications (PDF available here)
    Ana Garcia Armada, Full Professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Practical Joint Communication and Sensing at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies (PDF available here)
    Joerg Widmer, Research Professor, IMDEA Networks
  • Paving the way towards 6G testbed (PDF available here)
    Joseph Eichinger, one6G WG4 Chair, Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH
  • Towards ns-3 6G-LENA: Evolving research and simulations through open-source collaborative developments (PDF available here)
    Sandra Lagén, Senior Researcher, CTTC
  • Beam-Space MIMO Radar for Sensing-aided mmWave Communication (PDF available here)
    Giuseppe Caire, Chair of Communications and Information Theory, TU Berlin
  • Integrated Sensing and Communication – The Killer Feature of 6G? (PDF available here)
    Andreas Müller, Head of Communication and Network Technology, Bosch Corporate Research Department
  • Integrated Sensing and Communication – Some System and Access Issues (PDF available here)
    Reiner Thomä, Professor, TU Ilmenau Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Faculty
  • ISAC from a telecom operator’s point of view (PDF available here)
    Ole Grøndalen, Senior Research Scientist, Telenor
  • The road from 5G to 6G: Challenges ahead and potential approaches from the perspective of the 6G Research and Innovation Cluster (6G-RIC) (PDF available here)
    Slawomir Stanczak, Head of the Wireless Communications and Networks department at Fraunhofer
  • Robot-augmented data harvesting, sensing, and localization for 6G networks (PDF available here)
    David Gesbert, Director of EURECOM and Professor at the EURECOM Mobile Communications Laboratory
  • Learning the PHY Layer in FDD Systems(PDF available here)
    Wolfgang Utschick, Professor at the Technical University of Munich
  • Artificial Intelligence for the control and orchestration of mobile networks (PDF available here)
    Albert Banchs, Professor at the Charles III University of Madrid, Deputy Director of the IMDEA Networks Institute
International view on 6G
Panel on 6G Vision and Key Values
  • Moderated by Rahim Tafazolli, (Univ. of Surrey and 6G IC)
  • Participants from the previous session
6G Demo
Verticals‘ view on 6G
6G Public Network Services
Academics‘ view on 6G
one6G activities

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