The mobile communication system has become one of the fundamental infrastructures of today’s society. It not only brings connectivity – it also incubates innovations that trigger the digital transformation of our society. After the global commercialization of 5G, 6G has begun its journey. Due to numerous global initiatives, nationally funded projects, and industrial and academic research programs, 6G is now being widely promoted across the entire globe. Our society has deep-seated faith that 6G will support various vertical industry sectors and digital economies to develop the essential technology components needed for 2030 while contributing to a fully connected and intelligent world.

Given the importance of engaging experts from a variety of backgrounds and industries in honest and open discussions about the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead as we embark on the exciting journey toward a hyper-connected world, shortly after its inception, the one6G Association organized its first one6G Summit. This online event brought together 24 international experts from policy, industry, and academia who explored the most critical points in the world’s journey toward 6G. Having gathered over 400 participants from around the world, the one6G Summit proved to be the venue for the drivers of 6G evolution and the tenets that define the vision for cross-industry co-creation of 6G. Given its success, the one6G Association decided to make one6G Summit its yearly flagship event.

The one6G Summit is now regarded as a major platform for expert discussions about challenges, opportunities, and progress achieved on the journey toward a hyper-connected world.

The forth edition of the one6G Summit will be held on September 5-6 in Valencia, Spain.

If you missed the previous online editions, you can review the recordings of all sessions here:

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