Highlights from the one6G Summit 2022

On November 10, 2022, the one6G Association organised the second edition of the one6G Summit, bringing together 25 international experts from policy, industry, and academia to explore critical points in the world’s journey towards 6G.

This year’s conference focused on developing a roadmap for a globally deployed intelligent and sustainable 6G network. The speakers discussed the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead as we embark on the exciting new journey toward a hyper-connected world. From 6G spectrum and testbeds to enabling technologies, and beyond, the speakers discussed their perspectives, visions, and roadmaps.

“The one6G Summit 2022, following the success of the first edition, established itself as the meeting place for the leaders in the 6G development and the place that defines the vision for 6G co-creation across industries. 6G is in discussions since 2019 and based on the long history of wireless communication it is anticipated that 6G products are standardized and available by end of this decade. Through open, fertile dialogue and contributions, this event aims to become a forum which will explore a vision of how to expand current technology and business boundaries for new growth over the next few years”, said Prof. Nancy Alonistioti, one6G Association chairwoman, in her opening remarks.

The Summit gathered 25 high-level speakers, 726 registrations, 334 views on LinkedIn live and almost 700 participants from around the world. The first session of the summit was dedicated to presentations that offered a perspective into the world of 6G. Representatives of the European Commission, standardization bodies, universities, and public institutions involved in the development of 6G technologies shared their insights. The panel discussion brought together representatives of several verticals (i.e. eHealth, IIoT, smart grid, etc.), as well as ICT sector who discussed how 6G technology would transform their fields. The third session of the summit was designed to offer a more practical approach, with early demonstrations on 6G technologies. In the fourth session of the summit, four speakers offered an overview of the enabling technologies that constitute the pillars for the evolution towards 6G.

In addition, the association presented at the Summit the updated White Paper “6G Technology Overview”, which summarizes the foundational technologies that will support the transition to 6G.

Do not worry if you missed the event, you can watch of all sessions below. The speakers’ presentations can be accessed from the agenda below as well.

10th November- MORNING
Session 1: Global View‘s on 6G
Session 2: Panel – Will 6G become the fundamental and sustainable infrastructure for verticals?
  • Moderated by Roberto Verdone, (University of Bologna )
  • Maziar Nekovee (University of Sussex) - Presentation PDF
10th November- AFTERNOON
Session 3: 6G Testbed/Demo
Session 4: Enabling technologies
Session 5: one6G Activities


Session 1: Global View‘s on 6G
Session 2: Panel
Session 3: 6G Testbed/Demo
Session 4: Enabling technologies
Session 5: one6G Activities

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About one6G

one6G envisions a future where 6G technologies and solutions allow to unleash the potential of smart connectivity for a secure, resilient, and sustainable development of our economy and society​.

Founded in early 2021, one6G aims to evolve, test, and promote next-generation cellular and wireless technology-based communications solutions. By supporting global 6G research and standardization efforts, the goal is to accelerate its adoption and overall market penetration while addressing societal and industry-driven needs for enhanced connected mobility. The association’s ambition is to speed up the development of new services and applications in domains, such as advanced autonomous driving, advanced manufacturing, advanced wireless e-health, and remote education.

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