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The 5G network deployment aims at addressing the demand for faster and more effective wireless/ cellular communication system. The 5G specification covers the main requirements of explosive data traffic, reliability and low latency in wireless and mobile communications. B5G/6G will drive another wave of new trends for the provision of huge data rate (+1Tbps), extremely low delay (0.1ms), the tight integration of the physical and the digital worlds, trustworthiness, sustainability and management automation.6G specification will have tighter dependencies from the vertical domain scenario conditions, thereby requiring highly adaptive techniques to fulfill the future needs of users. 6G networks are expected to capitalize on high-performance computing, quantum computing, AI/ML etc. Resource management will be crucial within 6G and the network complexity will pose a challenge due to the very diverse applications and services such as ultraflow latency, the growing demand of high positioning accuracy, dense heterogeneous architectures, machine-to-machine communication, the embodiment of sensing in communication systems and contactless exchange of data etc.

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13 - 15 Nov 2023


All Day


Baltimore, MD, USA

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