one6 members Rohde & Schwarz and Greenerwave collaborate on 6G RIS module verification

In a recently announced partnership, one6G members Rohde & Schwarz and Greenerwave teamed up to characterize the Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) modules using OTA tools. These RIS modules, which are pivotal for future 6G networks, harness the power of metamaterials to shape the traditionally unpredictable radio environment.

During the verification, a FR2 RIS module developed by Greenerwave underwent extensive characterization testing. Rohde & Schwarz’s wireless performance test chamber (WPTC) played an integral role, facilitating over-the-air measurements.

Both companies expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration’s results. Alexander Pabst, Vice President of Wireless Communications at Rohde & Schwarz, remarked on the vital role of these findings in propelling 6G research. Geoffroy Lerosey, Greenerwave’s CEO, alongside Youssef Nasser, emphasized their RIS technology’s potential and the significance of their partnership with Rohde & Schwarz in validating the technology.

With roots spanning across continents, both companies are engaged in global 6G research endeavors. Rohde & Schwarz collaborates with research institutions and universities, while Paris-based Greenerwave pushes the envelope with its energy-efficient technology in the realms of 5G/6G, satcom, and more.

As active members of the one6G Association, Rohde & Schwarz and Greenerwave remain at the forefront of RIS technology advancements.

Attendees of the upcoming one6G summit will have the opportunity to see live the Rohde & Schwarz laboratory in Munich. For one6G Summit, Rohde & Schwarz organises a special tour of the lab and a demonstration of a live operating RIS FR2 extender in an anechoic test chamber.

Visit the one6G Summit 2023 website here

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