one6G Association supports IEEE CSCN 2023 in Munich

The IEEE CSCN 2023 conference, an important event in the world of communications systems and networks, successfully concluded in Munich, showcasing innovative ideas and research. Supported by the one6G Association, this conference represented a pivotal gathering for professionals and academics in the communications technology sector.

CSCN 2023 served as a vital platform for presenting research findings, exchanging insights, and discussing future trends in communications systems and networks. The event covered a diverse range of topics, including cutting-edge networking technologies, 5G and beyond, IoT solutions, and cybersecurity, attracting a global community of researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders.

In a collaborative effort, the conference was collocated with the one6G Summit, also in Munich. This strategic partnership provided a comprehensive and enriching experience for attendees, enhancing engagement and collaboration across various facets of next-generation communications technology.

The one6G Association’s involvement in IEEE CSCN 2023 highlights its dedication to advancing research, innovation, and collaboration in the field of 6G and future network technologies.

For more detailed information on the IEEE CSCN 2023 conference and the insights shared, please visit the official conference website:





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