one6G-endorsed Industry Panel at the IEEE ICC 2024 in Denver

On June 12, 2024, an industry panel endorsed by the one6G Association took place at the IEEE International Conference on Communications, held in Denver, CO, USA. The panel, “6G Empowered Robotics: Unleashing the Potential of Next-Generation Connectivity was moderated by Periklis Chatzimisios, a professor at the International Hellenic University, Greece and the University of New Mexico, USA, and featured five panelists representing both academia and industry, namely Frank Fitzek, TU Dresden, Germany; Neeli Prasad, SmartAvatar B.V., Netherlands; Cedomir Stefanovic, Aalborg University, Denmark; Stefano Giordano, University of Pisa, Italy; Aryan Kaushik, University of Sussex, UK. The invited panelists came together to discuss the lessons learned from 5G and the new robotics-related features that will emerge in 6G, particularly those holding promise for various vertical sectors. Below, you can find the key takeaways from the event.

Transformative impact of 6G on robotics
  • The panel focused on the transformative impact of 6G on the field of robotics, highlighting how 6G can empower robotics by providing advanced connectivity solutions that enhance the capabilities of robotic systems.
  • With 6G, robotics can reach new heights, leveraging cutting-edge features and functionalities to overcome existing limitations and unlock unprecedented possibilities.
Synergies between 6G and robotics
  • The panel brought forward the essence of the transformative synergy between 6G and robotics, highlighting the vast opportunities and advancements that lie ahead in this exciting and dynamic field.
  • Teleoperation systems, which initially started as remotely controlled devices, have expanded rapidly with the advancements in wireless communication networks, particularly the evolution of technologies, like 6G.
Multidisciplinary collaboration
  • As capabilities and advancements continue to emerge, it becomes crucial for both the robotics and 6G communication fields to articulate their respective requirements and capabilities.
  • Highlighting these aspects is key to identifying new market opportunities and addressing any existing gaps, which requires multidisciplinary research and standardization efforts.
  • The engagement of experts in robotics in ComSoc events was discussed to include insight from the robotics domain. As such, one of the future panels endorsed by the one6G Association includes a balanced number of robotics and communication experts. The panel “Revolutionizing Connectivity: Unleashing the Power of 6G for Robotics” will take place on July 9, 2024, at the IEEE International Mediterranean Conference on Communications and Networking in Madrid, Spain. Besides, one6G Working Group 2 has just launched a new Work Item “6G-empowered robotics” to support the multidisciplinary collaboration between the two domains.

IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) is one of two IEEE Communications Society’s flagship conferences (the second one is Globecom). Each year, close to 2,000 attendees from over 70 countries attend IEEE ICC to take advantage of a rich program consisting of exciting keynote session, robust technical paper sessions, innovative tutorials and workshops, and engaging industry sessions. This 5-day event is known for bringing together audiences from both industry and academia to learn about the latest research and innovations in communications and networking technology, share ideas and best practices, and collaborate on future projects. The 2024 edition of IEEE ICC held in Denver, CO, USA on June 9–13, 2024, continued to provide an extensive industrial program designed to provide opportunities for the practicing industry professional to both share and learn about the latest ideas, trends, and product innovations in the broader communications and networking industries while connecting with their peers and other prominent leaders in the industry. Organized

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