one6G Association and Digital for Planet sign MoU to promote sustainable development of next generation networks

At the one6G Summit 2023, the one6G Association and Digital for Planet have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote research, knowledge exchange, and the sustainable development of 5G and 6G technologies.

This agreement between the one6G Association and Digital for Planet encompasses a series of collaborative intentions. Both organizations will be actively involved in each other’s events, increasing their visibility. They have also agreed to contribute to each other’s publications, fostering an environment of shared knowledge. Their collaboration extends to the promotion of sustainable development of wireless communication, and accelerating advancements in the wireless sector that ensure equal opportunities for everyone and guarantees to rescue and protect our environment.

Digital for Planet (D4P) is a non-profit organisation committed to ensuring that the digital revolution and sustainability go hand in hand. Its core mission is to promote a green and digital transition. D4P aligns its goals with the European Union’s frameworks like the Digital Decade path, the European Green Deal, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The one6G Association emphasizes testing and endorsing wireless communication solutions. one6G actively supports 6G research and standardisation, aiming for broader adoption of the technology across various sectors, including manufacturing, driving, e-health, and remote education.

Prof. Nancy Alonistioti, one6G Chairwoman, commented: “This collaboration is a clear testament to our commitment to progress. Together with Digital for Planet, we’re positioned to enhance our research ideas and extend the reach and impact of 6G technology in a sustainable way.”

Dr. Monique Calisti, president and co-founder of Digital for Planet, added: “By joining hands with the one6G Association, we’re emphasising the importance of shared knowledge and innovation. This partnership holds the promise of creating a more connected, efficient, and forward-looking wireless communication landscape that is in harmony with our environmental goals.”

Both organizations anticipate positive outcomes from this collaboration and hope it will further the advancements in the wireless communication industry, ensuring that such progress is sustainable and beneficial for the planet.

About Digital for Planet

Digital for Planet is a non-profit organisation that brings together digital innovators, researchers, public authorities, civil society, and citizens at work to ensure digital transformation and sustainability go hand in hand. D4P is a community of organisations and people aiming at realising a digitally-empowered society that ensures equal opportunities for everyone and guarantees to rescue and protect our environment. D4P mission is to make the twin green and digital transition a reality. For more information, please visit the Digital for Planet website:

About one6G Association

The one6G Association is a non-profit and independent association and aims to evolve, test and promote next generation cellular and wireless technology-based communications solutions. By supporting global 6G research and standardization efforts, the goal is to accelerate its adoption and overall market penetration, while addressing societal and industry-driven needs for enhanced connected mobility. This with the ambition to speed up the development of new services and applications in domains such as advanced autonomous driving, advanced manufacturing, advanced wireless e-health, remote education etc. For more information, please visit the one6G website:

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