one6G Association publishes a position paper

one6G Association publishes a position paperOn November 10, 2021, the one6G Association released its first position paper. The announcement was made during the first edition of the one6G Summit by the Association’s Chair, Nancy Alonistioti.

The paper, titled “Taking communications to the next level” looks at the landscape and challenges related to defining a 6G network that addresses the demands and requirements of several verticals and services and introduces the one6G Working Groups established by the Association to cover the necessary tasks needed to define the next generation of mobile networks. It also talks about specific use cases, applications, and requirements across multiple vertical domains, such as healthcare, agriculture, and transport/logistics, among others, as well as technology pillars, such as radio access, non-terrestrial networks, next-generation MIMO, and distributed and federated AI, among others.

In the paper, one6G stresses that 6G must be sustainable, affordable, accessible, and open and emphasizes the Association’s commitment to this endeavor. Read the full paper to learn more about the landscape, current status, and the Association’s outlook. INSERT LINK TO PAPER

If you have the expertise in the field and wish to contribute to the work of one6G Association, please get in touch.

You can download the position paper here (PDF)

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