Open Lecture 7 – In-Network Computing and Intelligent User Plane for 6G

Long awaited Open Lecture 7 ‘In-Network Computing and Intelligent User Plane for 6G’ took place on Thursday, March 21. The event gathered four distinguished speakers who discussed the state of the art of In-Network Computing including architecture concepts, current challenges, and recent advances when it comes to integrating native computing as a key feature into 6G networks.

The speakers who represented both industry and academia prepared very insightful presentations after which they engaged in a panel discussion moderated by Riccardo Guerzoni, Director of the Core Network Group, DOCOMO Euro-Labs, Munich.

The lecture was a great success, having gathered over 140 participants from 30 countries. As highlighted by the moderator, “Technologies to realize In-Network Computing (INC) and Intelligent User Plane (IUP) are fundamental enablers to fulfil performance and functional requirements of use cases expected for the 6G era (2030s). The Open Lecture provided an overview of such technology enablers, elaborating on which SDOs and open source initiatives should be primarily involved to make their deployment sustainable at global scale. Moreover, the speakers anticipated specific applications that may justify investing in the adoption of INC and IUP.”

Download the Agenda here (PDF)

The speakers’ presentations and the recording of the whole lecture can be found below.

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