5th contribution to the ITU-R Vision for 2030 and Beyond


one6G submitted its fifth contribution to the IMT Vision for 2030 and Beyond, further contributing to shaping the ITU-R recommendation on IMT-2030 — the vision recommendation for the next generation of mobile communication systems.

The contribution was submitted to the ITU-R WP 5D June 2023 meeting and the IMT Vision for 2030 and Beyond. one6G’s input included several proposals including privacy-aware sensing considerations, data privacy-compliant solutions, human safety in cobot scenarios, and sensing and communication coordination for multiple robots’ systems. These contributions aim to shape the ITU-R recommendation on IMT-2030 — the vision recommendation for the next generation of mobile communication systems.

The contribution was largely based on the recently published white paper 6G & Robotics: Use Cases and Potential Service Requirements, which recognized that envisioned novel 6G capabilities, such as radio-based sensing, cloud, AI support, THz communications, among others, could significantly impact how robotics applications could be designed and implemented. The mentioned white paper discussed several robotics use cases and outlined the capabilities that 6G systems might need to fulfil in order to efficiently support robotic use cases based on the identified robotic system requirements and the 6G technology trends.

Previous one6G contributions to IMT Vision for 2030 and Beyond

The first contribution submitted by one6G in December 2021 covered the 6G vision, specifically from the use cases perspective, and included societal and environmental aspects. The second input, summitted in March 2022, looked more in-depth into the requirements of different vertical domains and some of the enabling technologies, which will play the key role in building 6G. In the third contribution, submitted in June 2022, one6G shared further insights related to the requirements and 6G enabling technology pillars. In addition to submitting the contribution, one6G also participated in the IMT for 2030 and beyond workshop of WP 5D held on June 14, 2022, where it presented 6G use cases and enabling technologies, and provided suggestions and recommendations for further extensions of the IMT 2030 vision. The fourth contribution, submitted to ITU-R WP 5D meeting held in February 2023, was based on the one6G position paper 6G and Robotics.

About IMT Vision for 2030 and Beyond

The ITU-R’s Working Party 5D (WP 5D) commenced its work on the recommendation “IMT Vision for 2030 and beyond” in March 2021. IMT Vision for 2030 and beyond is being developed with the aim to drive the industries and administrations to encourage further development of IMT by defining the framework and overall objectives of the future development of IMT, including the role IMT could play to meet the needs of future societies. As the work on the recommendation is in progress, WP 5D invites the views of external organizations on the IMT, including but not limited to, user and application trends, the evolution of IMT, usage scenario, capabilities and framework, and objectives.

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