one6G endorsed panel on intelligent communications for Tactile and Multimodal Services in 6G at IEEE WCNC 2023

On Wednesday, March 29, 2023, a panel of industry experts will gather at the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference to discuss the future of intelligent communications in 6G networks. 

The panel, which will be moderated by Mona Ghassemian of Huawei Technologies, will include two other one6G Association members: Adnan Aijaz (Toshiba) and Toktam Mahmoodi (King’s College London) alongside Yue Wang (Samsung), Rich Walker (Shadow Robot), Reza Nejabati (University of Bristol) and Leila Musavian (University of Essex).

The increasing demand for remote operation in a post-pandemic era has driven further development of the Tactile Internet, which facilitates multimodal communication and perception among humans and machines. While 5G capability is well-aligned with the low-latency requirements of the Tactile Internet, there are unique requirements for different vertical industries, such as global connectivity and low jitter.

The panel will discuss how current communication systems fall short in meeting these requirements and what needs to be done in 6G to develop future multimodal communication solutions. They will also discuss topics such as defining, testing, and measuring different verticals’ future communication requirements, route for 6G research outputs for standardization, and challenges including sustainability, energy efficiency, and social innovation.

The panel is endorsed by the one6G Association, highlighting the importance of the discussion and the experts involved in shaping the future of intelligent communications in 6G networks.

Website of the event here

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