one6G WG1 chair joins industry leaders to discuss the future of 6G technology

Prof. Mohammad Shikh-Bahaei from King’s College London and one6G WG1 Chair, is participating in the 6G Symposium Spring 2023 event in a panel discussion alongside renowned experts to discuss what end users expect from 6G and how to build consensus on strategies to develop this next-generation technology.

The panel session, titled “What Do End Users Want From 6G?”, will take place on Tuesday, April 25th, from 14:30 to 15:30 PM. The event aims to move beyond the hype surrounding 6G and focus on tangible solutions and approaches. Prof. Shikh-Bahaei will join other distinguished panellists, including Sylvia Lu (Board member, 5G-ACIA), Andrew Murphy (BBC R&D, 5G Media Action Group), Dean Bubley (Founder, Disruptive Analysis), Pernilla Jonsson (Head of Industry & Consumer Lab, Ericsson), and Colin Willcock (Chair, SNS-JU), to explore the potential impact of 6G on consumers, enterprises, and government customers.

The panellists will examine lessons learned from the slow adoption of 5G in enterprise and minimal consumer revenue generation, and discuss how to address these challenges in the development and implementation of 6G.

The 6G Symposium Spring 2023 promises to be an insightful platform for international collaboration and innovation in the quest to realize the full potential of 6G technology. It brings together the international community to build consensus on key issues and further the momentum towards 6G.

To learn more about the 6G Symposium Spring 2023 and register for the event, visit the event website.

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