Meet one6G at the EUCNC & 6G Summit 2023


We are happy to announce that one6G Association is organizing a special session at the EuCNC & 6G Summit, titled 6G enabled Network Applications for the Future of Connected Robotics. This year, the special session will be organized in partnership with the NetWorld Europe’s Vertical WG and the 5G-ERA project.

Among others, 6G enabled Network Applications for the Future of Connected Robotics will cover topics, such as cloud-native applications, 5G and 6G-enabled communication between robots and cloud-native applications, and orchestration of such applications. The session will be chaired by Dayou Li (University of Bedfordshire, UK) and Nancy Alonistioti (one6G Association, NKUA , GR). The full program is available here.

Meet us on Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 11:00-12:30 in Room H1.


About EuCNC & 6G Summit

With a theme “6G for a Green and Digital Transition,” the 2023 edition of the EuCNC & 6G Summit builds on two successful conferences in the area of telecommunications: the European Conference on Networks and Communications, supported by the European Commission, and the 6G Summit, which originated from the 6G Flagship program in Finland. The conference focuses on all aspects of telecommunications ranging from 5G deployment and mobile IoT to 6G exploration and future communications systems and networks, including experimentation and testbeds, and applications and services. It brings together cutting-edge research and world-renown industries and businesses. In the last years, the event gathered over 1 300 delegates from more than 40 countries and over 70 exhibitors.

Website of the event here

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