MWC 2024: key themes and takeaways

The MWC 2024 curtain has dropped last Thursday – let’s take a moment to delve into the highlights and key takeaways one6G members brought back from the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event.



Once thing is clear – MWC Barcelona 2024 was more than just the venue of choice for the hottest industry discussions and a showcase of the information and communication technologies’ state of the art – it was a call to action. The 2024 edition’s theme, Future First, resounded through the Fira Gran Via profoundly, presenting a future full of possibilities – possibilities that can only be fully realized through active collaboration, addressing societal issues, and developing and utilizing the technology in a responsible way. From bustling exhibition halls hosting over 2,700 exhibitors to thought-provoking speaches by top experts, the key message was clear – the future of connectivity lies in a contious collective effort.

MWC 2024 has been structured in six main themes. Below, you can read about the key takeaways taken by the one6G representatives from each theme.

  • 5G and Beyond – The most prominent takeaway from the 5G and Beyond theme is the evergrowing anticipation of the commercial release of 6G. The discussions within this theme centered around the transformative shift toward intelligent, edge-based networks seamlessly integrated with AI.
  • Connecting Everything – extended connections require open, seamless, sustainable, and secure solutions. The key takeaway from this theme is that the entire mobile ecosystem needs to work together; from cloud hyperscalers, tower and fibre companies to satellite providers – only by collectively building more adaptable, automated, and cost-efficient networks can we fast-track the development of new solutions for businesses and consumers.
  • Humanizing AI – The discussions within this theme focused on understanding how AI can optimize network and cloud transformation processes while enhancing customer experiences. The most prominent takeaway from this theme is that transformative potential of AI in automating repetitive tasks is evident but as AI continues to evolve, exploring its potential for personalizing and enriching human interactions in the digital realm is crucial.
  • Manufacturing DX – Robotic manufacturing, sustainable technology, and connected vehicles are shaping the manufacturing landscape. The technologies are broadening the competitive landscape, providing sustainable solutions that increase factory efficiency, improve production performance, and decrease cost. The speakers highlighted how connectivity is evolving into an absolute necessity for growth, enabling businesses to maintain competitiveness and relevance.
  • Game Changers – the theme explored the game-changing technologies that will define the future of the industry. The spotlight shined brightly on AI as the driving force behind innovation in the mobile communications industry.
  • Digital DNA – The event did not shy away from addressing critical societal issues, like sustainability, diversity, and talent attraction. The most prominent takeaway from the Digital DNA theme is that technological advancement cannot exist in a vacuum – to suceed in building a a sustainable and equitable future, we must actively promote diversity and inclusion.

The Mobile World Congress 2024 has unveiled a number of innovations and industry trends that carry substantial implications for the business world, providing strategic openings for enterprises, fostering collaboration, ethical AI practices, and innovative growth.

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About MWC Barcelona

MWC Barcelona is the largest and most influential connectivity event bringing together policymakers, global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, content owners, and other professionals interested in the future of technology. The 2024 edition of MWC Barcelona took place on February 26 – 29, 2024, bringing together more than 100’000 attendees and over 2,700 exhibitors, sponsors, and partners.

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