one6G and AIOTI become official collaborators

one6G Association and the Alliance for loT and Edge Computing Innovation (AIOTI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to kick-off  cooperation on research, knowledge development, dissemination, and network activities in the fields of Edge Computing and Computing Continuum, Data Spaces, Digital Twin and Al, as well as topics related to Vertical Industries.

The MoU was signed on August 16, 2023, by Prof. Nancy Alonistioti, one6G Association Chairwoman and Dr. Jürgen Sturm, AIOTI’s Management Board Chair. By signing the Memorandum, the organizations agreed to engage in tangible collaboration activities, such as identifying common use cases, defining requirements for standardization, and promoting the common work at events relevant to 6G, IoT, and Edge Computing. The organizations are now discussing the details of future Works Plans, which will be put in place to foster collaboration on specific topics relevant to both parties.

You can donwload the MoU here (PDF)



The Alliance for IoT and Edge Computing Innovation (AIOTI) mission is to drive, on behalf of their members, policies, and research and innovation in the IoT & Edge Computing and other converging technologies across the Digital Value Chain to support digitization in Europe, and competitiveness of Europe. They aim to lead, promote, bridge, and collaborate in IoT & Edge Computing and other converging technologies research and innovation, standardization and ecosystem building providing IoT deployment for European businesses creating benefits for European society. They co-operate with other global regions to ensure removal of barriers to development of the IoT & Edge Computing market, while preserving the European values, including privacy and consumer protection.


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