one6G presented at the IEEE Meditcom 2022

IEEE International Mediterranean Conference on Communications and Networking

Prof. Andrea Giorgetti, from WiLab/CNIT – DEI, University of Bologna, represented one6G Association at the IEEE International Mediterranean Conference on Communications and Networking, which took place on 7-8 September in Greece. His presentation focused on Integrated Sensing and Communication – Recent advances and the one6G Association perspective.

The next generation of networks (6G) is still in an early stage of definition, but some of its application scenarios and verticals start being focused, and some enabling technologies are already identified. Among those technologies, the joint sensing and communications (JSAC) techniques is globally accepted as one of the 6G pillars. JSAC has different approaches and levels of integration in the RF chain and a set of diverse implementation strategies in every scenario and frequency band. From evolved RF localization techniques to the integration of radar-like signals into the communications link, JSAC is expected to guarantee some crucial functionalities of the 6G, enriching the communications system with a precise knowledge of its environment.

Prof Giorgetti joined the panel that brought together several experts in the field, with complementary views on the topic. They discussed to which extent JSAC will impact on the different verticals of application of the next generation of networks, with special emphasis on the industrial communications.

Presentation available here (PDF)

In one6G Association, Prof Giorgetti is a member of the WG2 – Enabling Technologies and System Architecture, which has the role to research key enabling technologies, concepts, to evaluate and select the most promising ones to integrate them into a coherent architecture.

Since 2014, Prof Giorgetti is an Associate Professor within the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering Guglielmo Marconi at the University of Bologna. His research interests include ultrawide bandwidth communication systems, active and passive localization, wireless sensor networks, and cognitive radio. He has co-authored the book Cognitive Radio Techniques: Spectrum Sensing, Interference Mitigation, and Localization (Artech House, 2012). He was the Technical Program Co-Chair of several symposia at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) and the IEEE Global Communication Conference (Globecom). He has been an Editor of IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS and IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS. He has been elected Chair of the IEEE Communications Society’s Radio Communications Technical Committee from 2017 to 2018.


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