one6G publishes a White Paper on 6G Vertical Use Cases

On June 13, 2022, one6G released its third White Paper, this time covering 6G vertical use cases. The announcement was made during the ITU-R Working Party 5D meeting.

Given the simultaneous technology evolution and technology adoption across different vertical industries, “6G Vertical Use Cases: Descriptions and Analysis” captures use cases from both technology and vertical industry perspectives. Although the paper does not include an exhaustive list of use cases, it aims to trigger use case-driven technology development.

The reason to place an emphasis on use cases was to identify and understand the specific requirements that need to be addressed as understanding them is fundamental to developing and proposing new technologies. Furthermore, use cases are not only a starting point to identify requirements and technology enablers but also potential business opportunities and go-to-market strategies.

Driven by this motivation, one6G compiled several use cases with elaborated descriptions comprised of background to understand the vertical industry setting, specific requirements that need to be addressed, potential technology gaps to meet the requirements, and a high-level overview of how these use cases can be implemented in practice.

Analyzing multiple vertical industry use cases provided a glimpse into different requirements pertaining to verticals hence allowing to develop holistic solutions, on both technical and business levels.


About ITU-R Working Party 5D – IMT Systems

WP 5D is responsible for the overall radio system aspects of the terrestrial component of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) systems, comprising the current IMT-2000, IMT-Advanced and IMT-2020.

You can download the White Paper in PDF format for free here.


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