Open Lecture 2, Integrated Sensing and Communication – Report


In an effort to share progress and results of the work performed within the one6G Association with the extended one6G community, one6G launched a series of topical open lectures scheduled to take place from May 2022 to December 2022.

The second lecture, dedicated to the subject of integrated sensing and communication, featured presentations by four high-level speakers, followed by an interactive Q&A session moderated by Richard A. Stirling-Gallacher, a Research Expert/Team Leader at the Munich Research Center of Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf.

The lecture was a success, having gathered over 140 engaged viewers from 30 different countries. More information about the speakers and their presentations can be found below.

  • Beam-Space MIMO Radar for Sensing-aided mmWave Communication (PDF available here)
    Giuseppe Caire, Chair of Communications and Information Theory, TU Berlin
  • Integrated Sensing and Communication – The Killer Feature of 6G? (PDF available here)
    Andreas Müller, Head of Communication and Network Technology, Bosch Corporate Research Department
  • Integrated Sensing and Communication – Some System and Access Issues (PDF available here)
    Reiner Thomä, Professor, TU Ilmenau Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Faculty
  • ISAC from a telecom operator’s point of view (PDF available here)
    Ole Grøndalen, Senior Research Scientist, Telenor


 Join us on Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 14:00 CEST for the Open Lecture 3 – 6G testbed/simulation

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