Open Lecture 6 – Sustainability in 6G

To share the progress and results of the 6G research work and knowledge with the extended one6G community, in 2022 one6G launched a series of interactive 2-hour open lectures, open to anyone interested in the world’s journey toward 6G. Carefully selected topics and high-level speakers contributed to their success and the Association decided to continue the series, also in 2023.

Open Lecture 6 – Sustainability in 6G gathered five distinguished speakers who presented their views on how and why 6G technology will play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable ecosystem. While acknowledging 6G’s enormous potential, the speakers have also addressed challenges and negative impacts caused by the ongoing transformation. Their insightful presentations were followed by a lively panel discussion moderated by Artur Hecker, a Director of Future Network Technologies at Huawei MRC. During the event, the speakers also engaged in an interactive Q&A session with the audience

The lecture was a great success, having gathered over 90 participants from more than 20 different countries. More information about the speakers, their presentations and the recording of the whole lecture can be found below.

  • Envisioning a green 6G ecosystem: challenges, objectives, and pathway (PDF available here)
    Chiara Lombardo, Researcher, University of Genoa
  • Next-generation networks – the green enablers? (PDF available here)
    Christian Maasem, Partner, Head of Hyperconnectivity, Detecon Consulting
  • Greening’ for the wireless cellular networks of the future (PDF available here)
    Ljupco Jorguseski, Senior Consultant Wireless Access, TNO
  • Paving the way toward sustainable next-generation networks (PDF available here)
    Monique Calisti, President and Founder, Digital for Planet
  • Can 6G be the game-changer to accelerate the sustainable development agenda? (PDF available here)
    Varnika Srivastava, Programs and Communication Manager, Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI)


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